Project themes and the Global Goals

Children will work with stories from their own and others’ cultures, to create new stories that will contribute to a sustainable future in our interconnected world. The themes explored through this storytelling process will include migration, gender, biodiversity, climate change and are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – also known as the Global Goals.

  • CDEC Cumbria: migration, intercultural understanding and gender equality
  • HEC London: migration, identity and culture
  • SEVER Czech Republic: responsible consumption, biodiversity and ecosystems
  • SOSNA Slovakia: climate change and active global citizenship
These themes all link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Global Goals. Both teachers and children will learn what these are and how their stories can raise awareness about them and even help achieve them locally.

What are the Global Goals?

The Global Goals are a set of 17 targets that were agreed by the 193 countries of the United Nations in 2015. The goals apply to all countries and encourage everyone to take responsibility to attain these Goals by 2030, locally in our own communities and so together achieve them globally.

The Global Goals and young, active global citizens

The Global Goals are an excellent way of introducing active global citizenship to young learners, who are seen as key to the successful progress of the Goals. The natural progression from values (this is what we hold dear) through rights (this is the legislation underpinning those universal values) to the Global Goals (this is the way the global community will ensure all people can access those rights) is one which is empowering to young people. The Global Goals offer young people an outlet for their desire to be active global citizens and to work towards solutions to the complex problems that will be presented to them as adults.